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Picture: Marietta on the left and Bec’s from Starship Hospital, on the right.

We would like to acknowledge the 10 year anniversary of PWI social worker, Marietta Chapman. Her wonderful work in the community is greatly appreciated. In this interview we ask Marietta about her work journey, highlights and changes in the sector.

Tell us about your role at Positive Women?
My main role at PWI is that of social work and helping with organising the Women’s Retreat, Women’s Seminar, Family Hui and teen camp to Australia. I also do HIV rapid testing for women. I have on occasion done a few newsletters too.

What are some of your fondest PWI memories of the past 10 years?
My fondest memories are being part of the Women’s Retreats and the Family Huis. It is a privilege to share in the laughter, the tears and the aroha.

In looking back, have you seen many major changes in the sector over the last 10 years?
The endorsement of U=U by the scientific community world-wide has been the biggest gamechanger since I have started working at Positive Women. Also, when I just started out in this field people had to wait for their CD4 levels to drop to 350 before they could access medication. The threshold then went up to 500. These days people can start on medication straight after being diagnosed.

Describe what PWI means to you, on a personal level.
I want to say a big thank you to Jane, the many board members over the years, and our wonderful members for being supportive of my work. Thank you all for making Positive Women the best organisation I have ever worked for.

On behalf of Positive Women Inc. we want to say a HUGE thank you to Marietta for all the hard work, dedication and commitment she has given to her role and always with a huge smile, a giggle and the kindest heart which she gives to the women she works with. Often going well over and above of what is required of her.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Marietta

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