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What is digital story telling?

Storytelling, the art of gathering facts, ideas or experiences and making them into stories, is a form of expression and entertainment that reaches across generations and cultures and endures through time. Everyone has a story to tell!

Digital stories are “mini-movies” created and edited by people, using cameras, computers, scanners and their own photographs.

Story Express

Storyexpress provides workshops to develop personal skills and professional competencies and brings a mobile teaching lab – a pod of laptops, scanners printers, sound recording equipment, video editing software and tutorials. We tailor in-house programmes to create a safe and confidential, hands-on learning environment.

In partnership, Storyexpress helps people produce dynamic, compelling tools that have practical application in their work place, community and relationships. Our clients use their stories to capture lessons learned, to record events, to present at conferences or via the web, or just to say it and share it.

Suzi Gould from StoryExpress says that working with Positive Women Inc. was a real privilege:

” Hearing these women’s stories – their fear, courage, sadness, humour, struggles, strength and growth – was a real gift. These are clear voices describing their personal histories with HIV and the striving to break through barriers to capture and share their insights and experiences.

These women wrote from the heart for their children, partners, friends, colleagues and themselves. So often women have not made their HIV status known – for many it is a misunderstood disease and stigmas are attached – yet these women have found their voice and shared their stories with us. I am sure their stories will make a profound connection between people.

Thank you for sharing.”

Jon Harcourt from StoryExpress found the workshop challenging:

“I was the only man for the whole residential workshop and could have been blamed as some representative scapegoat for the male species. But there was no judgment from any of the women and I felt included and respected for not demanding attention and for being available.

By offering support and encouragement while these stories were uncovered and grew, I witnessed the anguish, relief and the joy when the simple, clear voice of their personal experiences was expressed. A humbling and deeply rewarding time.”

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Positive Women Inc. would like to thank the MAC AIDS Fund for funding this project