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The Unity Tool

There are so many aspects of care that go beyond mere treatment and medication – one of them is being able to feel safe and confident in disclosing your needs to your medical practitioner. Without this confidence and security it is difficult to find the best care possible, setting back the treatment regime and the patient. To overcome this very real issue, the Unity Tool was developed so that those seeking care could fill in an online form, answering a series of questions to give them an optimal appointment guide. The patient then takes this to their healthcare provider to initiate more discussion, especially in areas that are of more concern to the patient. Well-being, emotional and otherwise, sex life, family life, work life and suitable HIV treatment options are all issues covered in the questionnaire.

The Unity Tool has been designed to eliminate the vulnerability many people living with HIV may feel when they go to visit their healthcare providers. It has been developed to evolve favourable communication so that the patient receives the very best in care after answering questions online and in the comfort of their own homes.

Visit the Unity Tool here