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Baby Who Changed the World


In 2019 Positive Women Inc. and Body Positive were invited by NZAF to work together on an HIV destigmatisation campaign with a strong focus on U=U, and so the concept of Sperm Positive was conceived. Visit Sperm Positive website here. 

A campaign was based on the premises of a sperm bank for people living with HIV, what better way to highlight that having a baby was possible for people living with HIV, and that HIV would not be passed on to the partner or the child if the person living with HIV was on medications and had an undetectable viral load. 

The Campaign was very successful in receiving international coverage and two years down the road, we have a number of people connected through sperm positive and a number of babies born as a result. 

This year for World AIDS Day we released the final part of the Sperm Positive Campaign by releasing a book called ‘The Baby who changed the World’ – How to make a baby when living with HIV.  The book tells the story of Amy, the first baby born through Sperm Positive, as well as 7 other stories of babies born, who has a parent who is living with HIV. 

We had some amazing support from Tamati Coffey and Tom Sainsbury who both promoted the book for us through Facebook and youtube. View Tamati Coffey on Facebook here. View Tom Sainsbury on Facebook here.

The book can be viewed and downloaded for free from the sperm positive website where you can also purchase a hard copy. Sales from the book are to go to the Wellness Fund which provides support for people living with HIV 

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