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We are excited share the new name for the refugee, asylum seekers and migrant programme we have been working on. The name was developed together with Māori and approved by the Community Roopu Tautoku.   

The new name is to be ‘Te Taenga Mai o nga hau e wha’ (Te Taenga Mai for short). The name means ‘Arrival of the four winds’ and encapsulates the journey people have made from the four corners of the world to arrive by the four winds to Aotearoa, welcomed by the whenua of Aotearoa.  

The name is linked to a model of practice developed specifically for this programme in partnership with Māori.   

The model of practice is depicted by the shape of a whare (house), signifying shelter, safety and welcome.  

  • The three koru at the top of the whare, signify different generations representing the past the present and the future.  

  • The three green Poutama, which sit on each side of the whare are known as the “Stairway to heaven” depicting the levels of life which we live, each step being another stage of life’s journey.   

In the centre we have the three pillars of the whare.  

  • The first pillar represents the journey of the ancestor Kiwa who travelled over the seas to the land where the sun rises first.   The same as new people arrive in Aotearoa. 

  • The middle pillar represents the cloak of the chieftains and talks to Manaakitanga, embracing all things with respect and integrity. It embodies concepts of hospitality, kindness, generosity, care, and support.  

  • On either side of the cloak we have the Kaokao, symbolising the strength and power needed when embarking on a life changing journey.  

  • The final pillar represents the multitude of stars that glistens in the night sky of Matariki. From the North, South, East and West, from the four corners of the world to arrive here in Aotearoa making it their home.  

Everything is embraced by Tumanako (peoples hopes and aspirations), Aroha (love and respect) and Whakapono, (belief and trust).  These are the guiding principles and values of this project.  

The essence of the model of practice is reflected in the logo  



Ash and Judith who are leading this project together with the community Roopu Tautoko are developing an amazing community focused website together with an HIV train the trainer programme.   

The launch date for the website is to be 2 April so watch this space.  



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