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Positive Women Inc. has been holding zoom workshops every two months since before COVID but as a response to COVID and feedback received from members saying they felt isolated, particularly those in the regions, we subsequently increased the workshops to run every month.

There are numerous studies providing evidence that creative activity is linked to positive psychological functioning and improved life satisfaction. Studies have shown that participatory-based activities (knitting, sewing, baking, gardening, quilting, painting, etc.) enhance wellbeing and quality of life by reducing nerves, stress, and anxiety. 

The multi-sensory engagement, repetitive actions, and anticipation of satisfaction involved in making something are related to the release of neurotransmitters that promote joy and wellbeing while also reducing stress hormones.  Some activities have a meditative quality while also requiring focus and attention which can provide a healthy distraction from other stresses.  Such activities help people to engage in mindfulness by keeping them focused and in the present moment which benefits mental health by activating parts of the cortex involved with regulating emotions and reducing activity in the part of the brain which processes negative emotions and fear.  Another significant benefit is that it brings people together, helps to reduce isolation, and is fun. 

The Positive Women Inc. workshops are held at different times and on different days of the week to accommodate people's varied work/life balance and commitments. They generally run for about an hour.  Positive Women Inc. members are sent a private invitation to register for the workshops. Once registered, and depending on the workshop, attendees are sent supplies to enable them to do the workshop. Some workshops are craft-focused, some educational, and others have more of a focus on general health and wellbeing, but most importantly, to have fun. 

For more information about the workshops please contact Megan at

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