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Mark thomas

Image of Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr Mark Thomas

Positive Women Inc hosted the 8th annual HIV Women’s Seminar on June 18 in Auckland. The programme for the day focused on women living with HIV in Aotearoa and topical areas of interest in the sector. 

Below is a list of event presentations with links to more information and presentations. 

  • Dr Alison Green - The Aotearoa Statement. A campaign to achieve equity and improve Indigenous sexual health outcomes. Learn more here.

  • Sue McAllistair - Update on Epidemiology of HIV in Aotearoa New Zealand. With an emphasis on women. Click here for the presentation
  • Judith Mukakayange - Stigma and Discrimniation Experienced by People Living With HIV in Aotearoa (2020 Report). Click here for the presentation
  • Mark Thomas – COVID-19 and HIV. An overview of research outlining outcomes and risks for people living with HIV. Click here for the presentation
  • Abby Leota - HIV Essentials Online learning course. Click here for the presentation
  • Victoria Walsh - Sperm Positive an overview on the world's first HIV Positive Sperm bank. See the campaign here.


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