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Happy New Year to everyone.  It seems like it was a long time ago, but this is our first newsletter of the year so feels appropriate to say it even at the end of February.  

The team at Positive Women Inc. all managed to get a couple of weeks off over Christmas and new year. The thing I love about this time of year is that most people are off, so emails are minimal, and we are forced to take a break. It is one of the only times of the year I don’t feel guilty about not working.  

As we head into March, the pace is picking up and we anticipate a huge year in 2024 with many projects coming to fruition, some of which are mentioned in this month’s news.  

We have a name, logo and model of practice for our refugee, asylum seeker and migrant programme with an amazing community lead website to be launched in April 2024. Click here to read more 

We are well on the way with Mahia te mahi Ngā Raparapa o Ngā Taipakeke o te Urutā HIV: Time for Action - Ageing with HIV phase 2. Click here to read more.

We started the year with a training for 10 new PSB speakers.  A very powerful weekend resulting in some amazing new speakers to join the PSB team. Click here to read more  

The Burnett Foundation Big Gay Out was also in February. An amazing event which Positive Women Inc. supports. Held each year celebration the rainbow community and the diversity of life. This year Positive Women Inc. teamed up with Toitū te Ao and the Burnett Foundation to offer testing throughout the day. Click here to read more  

On a personal development level, I have taken the challenge to learn te Reo Māori. I say ‘challenge’ because I am totally xenoglossophobia.  What does that mean you may well ask? I had to look it up myself, but basically it is a nervousness or apprehension about learning other languages. However, it is a challenge I am looking forward to.  

Happy reading and we look forward to catching up with you at some stage over the year.  

Mauri ora Jane  

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